Sunday, 24 July 2011

As promised, today I’ll take you inside Bibi’s home.  Let’s knock at the door and see if she’s there.   ..Knock, Knock..... here we go….   The old wooden door always makes this creaking sound as she gently pulls it open to welcome the visitors.    Can you see her silver hair shining under the bright rays of the sun?   Look at her kind, warm and welcoming smile that immediately attracts you into her cosy home.       This is why children from all four corners of the land come here so that Bibi can show them the treasures and take them on exciting journeys.
 “Hello and welcome dear friends.” Said Bibi with a kind voice.  “Come in and meet Saba,  my grand-daughter”. 
In the little room there was a colourful Persian rug.   In one corner there was a golden samovar with a nice china teapot full of freshly brewed, aromatic tea.      
Saba stepped out and went towards a little room at the back of the cottage.    A few minutes later she came back in the room.  She was holding a golden crown, embedded with lots of precious stones, in one hand and an old oil-lamp in the other hand.  
“I know you’re thinking why we have an old lamp beside such a valuable crown”.  Said Bibi. 
“Today I’m going to tell you their story.  Now, all of you come and sit down in a circle.” Said Bibi, while sitting down and tapping her hand on the Persian rug.   

****The Old Lamp And The Kings Crown****
Once upon a time in a faraway land there lived a King who was known for his cruelty.   He used to make people build huge castles for him, dig the gardens and plant fruit trees all day long.   They never got rewarded for their hard work and also had to pay tax by giving away their precious belongings.    
Among these items there was an old oil lamp, which the King liked very much.  Every night the servants used to light the lamp and put it in the dark corridors leading to a huge treasure room. 
Each night the King used to put on his precious crown and stroll towards the treasure room to inspect what had been collected that day.   Along the way he used to stop in front of the lamp and look at it with admiration.   
One of these nights the crown said: “Oh dear lamp, I so envy you.  Everyone pays so much attention to you because you are a symbol of light and love.   I’m only a useless ornament who sits there all day long trying to look pretty.  What should I do to become as loveable as you are?” 
“Dear friend, you are so precious and unique.  Everyone wants to be like you.  What makes you feel so unhappy and depressed?” said the lamp sympathetically. 
“Every single day I feel ashamed to be the centre of attention, accompanying such a cruel king.  I can’t help feeling guilty for how he treats his people.   After all I’m the closest thing to him.  He doesn’t go anywhere and doesn’t do anything without me being present.  This is the reason that I feel so unhappy and bitter.” 
“Being the closest to the King makes you that much more powerful, my dear friend.  You can influence this situation, if you take my advice and use some wit along the way.”  said the lamp.
“I will be grateful if you could help me.  I’ll do anything to make a difference”.  said the crown anxiously. 
“Every morning as soon as you are placed on the King’s head, start thinking of all the good things he can do that day.   Don’t let anything distract you and influence your thoughts.  He will not notice why he is behaving differently.  Give it some time and he will finally become the kind King you desire.” said the old lamp. 
So the crown started doing what the old lamp asked him to do.    He persisted and persisted on his mission, because he wanted to make a difference.   Gradually the King started to behave differently and became kind and passionate towards his people.  He didn’t know the reason why he had changed so much.  All he knew was that everyone started to like and respect him as a great ruler.  The King finally realised that he enjoys getting his people’s love and respect much more than having all treasures of the world. 

Bibi's Treasure House

Bibi has the best collection of treasures in the whole wide world.  No demon has ever managed to get close to them.  They are somehow protected from evil eyes and satan followers. 

She only shares them with fairies, angels and alike.   Do you want to enter her magic house?  Do you want to be part of the fascinating adventures?    Wait for me same time, every Sunday in front of the entrance to Bibi's Treasure House.